juin 9, 2013


Attention assholes: don’t sexually harass a girl when she can easily find you on Facebook and send your mom proof of your perpetuation of rape culture.

Moral of the day? Don’t mess with me.

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juin 3, 2013

Licky licky yum yum’ll kill you 

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Cool asian or School asian ? 

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novembre 18, 2012

God seems to have been wrong on a lot of things

God seems to have been wrong on a lot of things

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novembre 14, 2012

Andrew Garfield dancing for charity on The Ellen Show

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novembre 13, 2012


Your Body Single Release

Super Hit :)

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septembre 10, 2012

septembre 6, 2012

think guitar-driven pop (ahem, Katy Perry) with a SingerSen flair - the voice production and as always, the traditional touches…this time, unlike Drunk, she does use traditional instruments! combined with violin, they give this song some extra magic.

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Cpop Mondopop singer sen

septembre 2, 2012

Gouminou ni woa ? 


Honey , I Hate You - XIS [HQ]

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Xis Tpop I hate you Yes you bitch

août 30, 2012

août 26, 2012





Whether the men below were gay in the way our current culture understands that idea, or in the way that they themselves understood it, is unknowable. What we do know is that the men would not have thought their poses and body language had anything at all to do with that question. What you see in the photographs was common, not rare; the photos are not about sexuality, but intimacy.


I came across this set of photos, and I highly encourage you to check them out.

What struck me most was how the above portraits of men of color did not read to me as anachronistic as the ones of upper class white men. The article is about how what is considered culturally proper displays of affection between men has changed quite a bit over time. What the article neglects is that the biggest changes in affectionate display has been in upper class white men; I’d venture to say that there is more easy affection between men of color in America today from what I’ve observed myself.

Some of the photos of white men from the set:

If these photos are from the book I think they are (whose name I can’t remember) there should actually be a picture of Walt Whitman broing out with one of his bros in there too.

When I was living in rural China around 1990, it was absolutely commonplace and not at all noteworthy for young men to express physical affection among friends, walking down the street holding hands or with arms draped over shoulders or other simple gestures of affection. I doubt this has changed in the Chinese countryside, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if urban centers in China are becoming more “Westernized” in the manner of interacting.

When I was much younger (in Nigeria) it was totally normal for men to express physical affection, hold hands while walking down the street and all, now people are telling me that this is “disgusting” signifies homosexuality. “Westernisation”…

(Source : a-spoon-is-born)

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août 7, 2012